Soon, Now, Yesterday

january 30th-june 26th, 2016
exhibition « Eux 6 » at the Museum of Illustration, Moulins, France
with Eric Battu, Cécile Gambini, Fabienne Cinquin, les Mamouchkas


november 19-22, 2015
South Ken Kids Festival, London, UK


november 02-08th, 2015
One-week collaboration in Madrid : LTD Le Bocal meets Klub 7
Exhibition, Swinton and Grant gallery
+ chalk wall, La Tabacalera
+ painted wall, Campo de Cebada


october 12-24th, 2015
Artist in residence at the French Institute, London, UK


april 2015
Personal exhibition, House of Book, Image and Sound, Villeurbanne, France


february 2015
New Book released ! Pablo et la chaise published by Les Fourmis Rouges


november 19-23rd, 2014
South Ken Kids Festival, London, UK


november 08-09th, 2014
Book Fair, Saint Priest, France
>> Graphic route and performances


october 10-11th, 2014
Book Fair, Troyes, France


october 06th, 2014
Talk organized by the Brussel center for illustration, Brussel, Belgium


july 17th-20th, 2014
Festival Les estivales Sarrant, France
>> 3 days of master-class


june 6th, 2014
Graphic battle : Le Bocal studio vs KCS studio. Saint-Luc Hospital, Lyon, France.


april 11th – may 10th, 2014
Exhibition ‘Muesli‘ for the Book Festival Printemps du livre, Grenoble, France.


april 13th, 2014
Book Fair Fête du livre, Villeurbanne, France


april 12th, 2014
Drawing performance at the Book Festival Le printemps du livre, Grenoble, France


april 05th & 06th, 2014
Book Festival L’escale du livre, Bordeaux, France


march 04th to 07th,  2014
Cut-outs and painted wall in the streets of Rennes, for Rennes’ libraries, France


march 2014 books
05th : Lettres à pattes et à poils, Thierry Magnier publisher (illustrations)
12th : Histoire pour endormir ses parents, l’Ecole des loisirs publisher (illustrations)
14th : Pablo et la chaise, Georges magazine (text + illustrations)
20th : Bigoudi, Fourmis rouges publisher (text)


february 14th, 2014
Talk + meeting with graphic design students, La Martinière design school, Lyon, France



/// hello 2014 ///



december 01st 2013
Book Festival Salon du livre et de la presse jeunesse, Montreuil, France


november 30th 2013
Books signing – La 25eme heure Bookshop, Paris


november 16th 2013
Books signing- Passages Bookshop, Lyon


november 10th 2013
Book fair Salon de la petite édition, Saint Priest, France


october 09th 2013
“No gallery no street art” show with Klub 7, Urban spree gallery, Berlin


october 04th 2013
Performance with Miramode Orchestra and Klub 7, Urban spree gallery, Berlin

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